Smart phones are actually pretty lazy… but the new Moto X from Motorola / Google changes that. So when they asked us to help get the word out on the street to the influencers in NYC, we said, “We’re on it!”

We formed the Moto Tweet Fleet, a unique group of scenesters made up of members who can spot the where, what and who needs to see this. Deployed to the neighborhoods of NYC, and given the task to build excitement and awareness, agents sampled Moto X and demo’d Moto Maker to over a thousand people in the first three months.

Using geotargeting technology, the Tweet Fleet located relevant conversations happening around the city and in some cases meet consumers at their location to allow them to see Moto X in real life. All of the missions, tweet requests and communication went through a made-for-Moto, Archrival-built online tool. Now that’s smart!

Moto Tweet Fleet members organically weaved themselves into neighborhood culture and became recognizable faces around places like Washington Square Park and Union Square. They met people. They helped people. They showed them Moto X and its awesome features. They made the world a better place.

True to customize-it-your-way, the team shopped for clothes they liked and then branded it (who wants a uniform anyway?). 

We put our team into some smart looking branded vehicles to run around all over town. It wasn't long before they were recognized as an iconic symbol for the brand. If you're lucky, one will be coming to one near you! We're looking at you Chicago and LA.