Anyone can play. Only one destroys.

Welcome to Red Bull Play & Destroy, the collegiate student vs student music battle where all you need is an iPod, creativity and a solid song list. Students are given a battlegory (like Best Make-out Song), and cue up their best tracks to win the crowd. Played in college towns all over the world, this back and forth playoff brings out the proudest music lovers who have curated a deep wealth of songs.

To help hype up the event for those checking it out, Archrival designed the Red Bull Play & Destroy website with a unique feature— a test DJ battle where you could get a sense for what it might be like. Battle our online player and see if you could win the crowd with the Best Shower Song or Best Boy Band Song or even the Best One Hit Wonder. “Live” video reacts to your choices. And if you don’t have a DJ name, no worries, we included a DJ Name Generator to get you over the hump.

And since everyone loves being a DJ in the car, we made a special Road Trip mobile version that puts everyone in the car in competition to see who owns the station. Are you gonna play or are you gonna get destroyed?