Fame is in your hands.

Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin’ is an online finger dance battle (read that again) that features the best breakdancing moves in the world on the smallest of stages. 

While B-Boying has been an established part of cultures worldwide for decades, Fingerbreakin’ is a new phenomenon. It's all the action, intensity and wow of B-Boying but accessible to anyone! With some hard work and practice, you can become an impressive Fingerbreaker.

In our exciting inaugural year, Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin’ held competitons in eleven countries with battles going down in Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Georgia, Croatia, Italy, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong and Korea. 

Athletes had a chance to show off their Fingerbreakin’ skills, achieve international fame and win a trip to the BC One World Finals in Seoul, South Korea.

The Fingerbreakin’ website was home base for the global competition, from call-to-entry to fan voting to winner announcements.

To help fans hone their Fingerbreakin’ talents, we made 17 “tricktionary” videos with Red Bull BC One All-Star Lilou and famed Fingerbreaker Lilach Chen, who taught the finger versions of popular B-Boy moves, including Applejacks and the Moonwalk.

Archrival created premium entry kits that were sent to scene leaders around the world. The kit, featuring a pair of finger-sized sneaks, a mini boombox (it actually plays) and multiple backdrops, transformed into a stage that allowed competitors to record their entry video.