When it comes to Nebraska, people can have the wrong perceptions. 

If you're not from here, believing Nebraska has a flourishing young population can be difficult to accept. Yet at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there are tens of thousands of students literally changing the world.

Archrival was asked to build a recruitment strategy that would attract these entrepreneurial student to campus. This effort, now several years in, has been extremely successful as enrollment increases to record numbers year after year. Most recently the University announced it had the largest incoming freshman class it’s had in 35 years… with the biggest out-of-state pick-ups coming from our media targeted cities.

Our first commercial changed the game in “national university advertising” as we asked students to see UNL as a real, potential chapter in their story. It was about building curiosity and in some cases, loosening the tie. Following its success, the latest campaign asks students to imagine the highs, lows, successes and failures they will experience when writing their story on the Nebraska campus. You might also check out the cheeky Perls of Knowledge that ran on the social side.

The campaign resulted in increased enrollment and new tuition revenue many times the amount we paid.
Harvey Perlman Chancellor, UNL