Featuring Harvey Perlman, former chancellor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

As part of our recruitment strategy, the crew from Admissions and Archrival teamed up to show an unexpected, quirky view into the University and the amazing things happening here. ‘Perls of Knowledge’ became an irreverent opportunity to play with the out-of-state perceptions that Nebraska is only made up of corn, out-of-touch farmers and boredom by directly calling it out and making fun of it. 

As a complement to the larger recruitment plan, ‘Perls’ played that fun-to-discover role where you just wanted to watch more. It landed on the front page of Reddit and played a small part in growing University recruitment to its highest incoming class in the last 25 years. After more than half a million video views, the campaign lived on through Twitter where Harvey posted his perls of wisdom on a daily basis.