A first-of-its-kind Instagram experience that gives wings to the new culture of photography.

Smart phones have disrupted the traditional photography industry. The rise of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat has instantly turned everyone into an amateur photographer and unlocked the creativity of people who might otherwise never have gotten involved with photography. Red Bull #THESHOW is a global digital project that responds to this opportunity. What would it be like for your photos to be seen as an epic, red carpet art show?

#THESHOW is truly a personal and unique experience to every Instagramer. By connecting your account, a short film is instantly created that depicts the events of a major art opening... starring your images! Art critics comment on relevant aspects of your pictures, a feature that required us to record tens of thousands of variations to create literally over 5 million different shows.

For what took both Red Bull and Archrival months to plan, design, write and shoot, we couldn’t be happier with the result.

From the first click of their camera to an epic show at an upscale gallery, Red Bull #THESHOW spins people’s digital gallery into a global sensation.