Staying ahead of the curve requires beautiful insights.

For an organization the size of NBCU, quickly disseminating cultural insights to their many business units is a must. They partnered with Archrival to develop their core research brand and set the foundation for that process. We created The Curve, which brings to life the latest insights, social shifts, industry trends and qualitative and quantitative research. The curated synthesis of all of this valuable information helps them and their clients stay in-the-know about what’s ahead in consumer culture.

The insights are a blend proprietary research and data collected from partners and marketing functions. The result is prettier than it sounds! 

The Curve identity was crafted from the concept of the flow of information from NBCUniversal to the world. The “C”, representing “The Curve” is attached to the iconic NBC feather to represent how information is collected, curated and eventually distributed outward. The branding builds further with its own unique style of illustration and infographics.

While mega-shifts are captured in a yearly edition, a series of smaller reports focus on timely 'in the moment' consumer culture trends. The Curve Report tells a story of what’s influencing consumers today, what’s shaping culture next and the actionable insights and opportunities for their business partners. Must-read content is brought to life through unique imagery, iconography, and a fresh approach to interviews and stories.