The Bank Branding

Housed in a former old-school bank, The Bank Apartments is an enviable place to live. Archrival developed the naming, logo, collateral, building artwork and a website that likes to hide secrets.

From the outset our task was simple: instill some moxie into the place so that it’s distinguishable from all the other cookie-cutter condos and apartments in downtown Omaha. We found inspiration from pop-culture elements of the 1930's like speakeasies, prohibition, Art Deco, and, of course, the dapper, suit-and-tie wearing bank robbers that ravaged the Midwest and captivated the public’s imagination.

The Bank is an eclectic homage to the era of Dillinger, Baby Face, Pretty Boy, Capone and the Untouchables. In other words, it’s a respectable kind of joint with one hell of an itchy trigger finger.

Below are the branded visuals we created to adorn the space as artwork and used in all their marketing.

We put waaaaay to much time into their collateral.

We worked with the architects to blend branded elements into the environment (note the custom $ railing).