In the real world Red Bull Crashed Ice event, skaters descend a steep ice canal filled with bumps, jumps, rollers and obstacles four-at-a-time, jostling for position as they reach speeds of up to 70 km/h. With only the top two racers going through to the next round, competition is fierce.

The online social game we created takes the real world competition and adds addictive and unexpected twists. Each character has different attributes relative to power, speed, stamina and acceleration that impact the game physics and player strategy. It's easy to pick up; players use universally known game mechanics and simple control systems for directional movement and acceleration.

At the conclusion of each race, the player is shown their place on the podium, along with a snapshot of them crossing the finish line they can share on social. Winning races unlocks new characters and allows the player to upgrade their racer’s character traits in order to be more competitive against friends and bots.

Players can see how they rank against their friends via two leaderboards. The first shows win-loss record in tournament mode and the second by rankings based on best times in time trials.

Get your bodycheck on!