Facebook & Social Strategy

In 2006, we helped Red Bull explore opportunities on an emerging social network.

That network, Facebook, turned out to be a pretty big deal. For the past decade, we’ve worked with Red Bull to plan strategy, content, promotions and features that has created an innovative social strategy unrivaled by others. A few highlights:

+ The first-ever branded social game on Facebook called Roshambull, our take on rock, paper, scissors

+ The first-ever Twitter aggregator of all the Red Bull athletes showcasing their latest Tweets

+ Red Bull Live TV, where the World of Red Bull can be accessed 24/7 on social

+ Red Bull “like us” ad that became the standard for every other brand

+ Hailed as one of the best games of its time, The Travis Pastrana Super Mega Nitro Jump: Gold Edition 

+ Red Bull Stash, where we hid cases of Red Bull across the country for fans to find using Facebook

+ Timeline Timewarp, an innovative launch of Facebook Timeline with digital clues 

+ Red Bull Pic Up, our image-based evolution of stash for Instagram

+ Red Bull #TheShow, a first-of-its-kind Instagram movie that integrated user photos into a custom movie 

+ Red Bull Stratos, where we live-streamed the famous jump from outer space, shattering YouTube records

+ Planning and recommendations on global integrations, team structure and content

Today, the Red Bull Facebook page is consistently ranked in the top 10 of almost any ‘best of’ list and has gathered nearly 50 million fans, making it one of the most popular pages in all of social. Through the past decade, while social has changed immensely, Archrival has been innovating at the forefront of building online communities, understanding how brands should engage consumers on social.