Three gentlemen, driven with a dream of starting a premium craft distillery, approached us to make Sòlas Distillery a branded reality. The innovative distillery uses one-of-a-kind techniques to create top shelf spirits like none other (just ask us about a particular Friday night). The goal was to meld innovation, expertise and small-batch craft into one identity. You see? Archrival makes dreams come true!

The Sòlas Distillery flagship craft spirit required a name, brand and package design. This super premium vodka held a glamorous and stylish attitude to appeal to connoisseurs of the hip and now. It’s fashionable and relaxed, confident without arrogance and always good around lively conversation. We named it Joss.

Our package design for Joss Vodka won a San Francisco World Spirits Awards Double Gold Medal along with Dewars, Hennessy, and other good drinking buddies.