OV Campus Influencer Program

An evolved approach to influencers.

Influencer marketing has become a buzz word that is fading in results. Archrival and OV are #DoingThings differently.

Outdoor Voices has turned their mission of taking on negative self-perception into social and experiential movement that's transforming the activewear industry. #DoingThings

While the brand has built a ton of momentum on social, they saw the opportunity to bring their message to a previously untapped market: US college students. OV tapped Archrival to build the movement on key campuses near Outdoor Voices stores in order to inspire authentic brand love and product purchase. The challenge? Do it in 60 days.

We created an approach that went beyond the typical influencer-brand relationship. We hand-selected authentic, locally-relevant students who love getting out and doing things on campus. Armed them with the brand knowledge and tools to drive sales. Incentivized them through a gamified approach to share by earning product.

They killed it by driving sales and engagement beyond our expectations. 

In just 60 days of the campaign, we activated 127 OVU reps, generated 350+ campaign posts, maintained 22%+ average engagement with the content and drove tens of thousands of dollars in new sales.

OK, that's definitely Doing Things for the brand. 

#DoingThings together.