NCAA Baseball Uni Launch

Visually defining the fusion of speed and culture for adidas baseball. 

Tasked with launching the new season's throwback jerseys with disruptive content, we created a series of still and motion graphic packs. Both adidas and universities leveraged the content to introduce the new kits to athletes and fans everywhere. 

Mixed by the flair and the flash of today's best players, the uniforms honor the timeless style of collegiate baseball for a new generation. 

From cleatheads to coaches, fans to foes—the content created instant buzz as each university shared the reveal across their own channels and digital platforms. 

The content garnered the most likes of all time on adidas baseball's Instagram page, selling out the dot com with one at-bat.

These are straight 🔥🔥🔥 Hope they will be sold to the public 👀
Miami Hurricanes fan