adidas partnered with Archrival to bring their training gear to next level athletes and introduce Alphaskin, a revolutionary new base layer featuring kinetic-wrapped construction designed to move naturally with an athlete’s movements and not against them.

We developed a one-of-a-kind adidas Training and Athletics experience that targeted the nation's top high school athletes across five elite events.

We helped them raise their game through a Kinetic Photo booth that helped illustrate the freedom of movement of Alphaskin.

Athletes could elevate their style through a Creator Station where players could customize their adidas hoodies with embroidery and event-tailored patches. In the end, we helped connect adidas and Alphaskin with their most coveted consumer, the elite high school athlete.

While our target was small, we left a big impression. 427 Total Athletes, 400 email opt-ins, 40,800 impressions.

Shout out to Kamp Grizzly for their awesome photo environment. Let's keep working together!