To celebrate the Nebraska Volleyball team making the NCAA Final Four, we created a pop-up Maker’s Lab for Husker fans to show their support.

All season long, the Nebraska volleyball team rallied around a single message of teamwork—"With Each Other. For Each Other." As the team entered the Final Four of the NCAA tournament, adidas wanted fans to have the opportunity to show their support in a creative way that paralleled that idea of coming together as one to make something greater.  

Located just outside the tournament arena, the pop-up Maker’s Lab offered the perfect opportunity for fans heading to the game to show the world they were #heretocreate. Through a process called “hydrodipping," fans mixed, swirled and painted colors on the surface of water to create a unique design. A blank white volleyball became the perfect canvas for their creation by submerging it into the watery mix. Magic!

The line stretched around the corner, and up a flight of stairs.
- Lincoln Journal Star

Fans scored adidas swag including UltraBOOST and AlphaBOUNCE footwear.

We wanted to create something for the adidas brand that represents the intersection of sport and culture. Each Husker fan was then able to add their individual contribution to our "VolleyWall," creating a collective art piece built by Husker Nation. One by one, the wall was transformed as fans added their artwork to the wall. Fans were even able to "sign their artwork" by autographing a volleyball that was later presented to the team. 

The wall was then used the backdrop as fans took photos of the memorable moment. Fans had the choice between taking selfies or using a custom "Creator Cam" that featured branded overlays and the option to choose still photos or GIFs.

In the end, more than 1,300 fans showed their support and ultimately left their mark on the Volleywall. The Huskers went on to win the National Championship and the "Volleywall " found its home alongside the gold-plated championship trophy in the Bob Devaney Sports Complex.