If you want to be the boss, you have to beat the boss.

To build hype for the adidas Primeknit ACE launch, we partnered with Soccer.com to issue a challenge—submit your best trickshot routine to show you have the skills and swagger to #BossTheContest for your chance to square off against final boss, Mesut Özil.

But before you could get to Özil, first you had to get past our three sub-bosses—The Juggler, The Giver, and The Magician. Each boss issued a unique challenge that corresponded to their individual skillset. To get past them, you had to show you had the skills to beat the boss at their own game.

Users shared their videos with friends and family to gather votes. The videos receiving the most votes (and a judge’s thumbs up) were leveled up to unlock the final challenge.

Each finalist was flown to LA Galaxy practice fields, outfitted with prime knits and other adidas swag, and given 90 minutes to execute their routine or trick shot. Video footage was captured and edited with a professional production crew using “Be The Boss” motion graphics and then submitted online for a final round of voting to determine the winners.

Of the 360 submitted videos, only Torin and Kai were able to #BossTheContest and were named the Soccer.com ambassadors of the year and were featured online and in soccer.com catalogs. In total, the campaign generated 10,200,000 impressions and 385,000 engagements.