Jump Rope for Heart, reinvented for a new generation.

Introducing The Great RePlay.

Despite a wildly successful 40-year run with the Jump Rope for Heart program, the American Heart Association was in need of a fresh strategy to engage today's teen. They called upon Archrival to help them challenge their own notions of how to educate and inspire today’s middle school student with a sense of relevance and purpose.  

With a target of educating students on living a healthy lifestyle, we were tasked with overhauling their entire program from the ground up. Fueling the program’s strategy with a deep understanding of Gen Z insights, we went against the typical fundraising program model with a mobile, social and experience-first mentality.

Starting with the program curriculum, we rewrote the book on middle school physical activity with educational games that students thought were actually cool and worth participating in. Games became throwback adventures to their childhood days, with game mods and twists the kept them fresh and engaging. They're games even you would want to play. 

Games include:
Tic Tac Toe Toss
Ring-a-Round the Runner
Full Tilt Pinball
Link Up Limbo
DJ Simon Says
Remixed Musical Chairs
Red Light, Green Light, Strobe Light
Hip Hop Potato

Accompanying the reinvented program was a branding package that pushed the AHA into a relevant sphere for teens. From new socially-driven student incentives and gear to program guides for volunteers to marketing collateral—Archrival helped build the needed assets to guarantee a program launch from front to back.

This is far more than a brand refresh—it's a strategy and vision for AHA's future. By helping them understand a new generation, while creating a relevant program, strategy and brand, we've lit a whole new fire among today’s youth for staying healthy while having a damn good time in the process.