Seriously, is it spring yet? 

The winter can be brutal for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that for adventurers it seems like it goes on forever. Outdoor footwear maker Teva asked Archrival to give fans a spring in their step with a social engagement campaign during the dawn of the season to help them #LightenUp and get out there.

Enter the new Terra-Float sandal with FloatLite technology: lightweight and born for adventure.

Teva has been killing it as of late and their latest creation continues that momentum. Featherweight and more comfortable than ever, FloatLite sandals feature an innovative foam construction that’s both ultralight and durable enough to take on the adventure of your choosing.

To showcase how their message of Lighten Up feels on feet and performs outdoors, we partnered with three Instagram influencers who were each relevant in their own unique area of outdoor life—from travel, to trekking, to beach-going.

We worked directly with each influencer to craft a custom social challenge made just for their fans. A new challenge unfolded every couple weeks—each one entirely unique, relevant to the influencer’s space, and encouraging fans to go out and create their own #LightenUp story.

The fans with the best submissions for each challenge were rewarded with an amazing influencer-curated spring escape adventure!

By tapping into a key consumer insight of overcoming winter blues and using relevant influencers, we were able to create a campaign with a genuine voice that generated over 8.5 million social impressions on Instagram.

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