adidas honors the legends of Miami Hurricanes football with new uniforms and an epic unveiling.

We placed a mysterious shipping container on campus that hinted something big was happening in three days, supporting the effort with social teasers and guerrilla on-campus tactics. The box was a social media icon to be there or miss out!

The party unfolded as the coach, mascot, cheerleaders and marching band all showed up to compel the crowd to get loud enough to open the container and reveal the new uniforms. Where there's smoke there are Hurricanes!

Archrival timed an epic drop at the height of crowd demand. Inside were a complete set of all the new season uniforms and a few key players to give 'em life.

The event drew over a thousand students and reached tens of thousands of impressions in earned media. The unveil owned the campus conversation and set the tone for a season that would see Miami reach the Top Ten.

Photos courtesy of the University of Miami.