A custom-made adidas experience for Card Nation.

adidas teamed up with Archrival to celebrate a special Senior Night for Louisville basketball players Damion Lee and Trey Lewis. After leading the team in points all season, two high-flying seniors would play their last game for the legendary school. They deserved to go out with an epic fan farewell for their final game.

We turned it over to the fans to tweet their thanks; some were full of emotion and thankful for giving their talents to the program. Others were…full of funny. Social lit up with memories as the days got closer to the end.

To bring the most out of fans, we designed special lockers and set them up all over campus. Each was filled with game day adidas gear fans could win! When a student tweeted a thank you, we immediately tweeted back a potential locker-opening combination they could try on the spot. Each winning combo unlocked gear for the upcoming red out. 

For three days, the campaign gained much love by the student body.

Then we dialed it up at game time.

As they showed up for the game, fans hand wrote their own notes and dropped them into our locker at the arena. We picked the best ones, printed it out onto 4x8 cards and placed them in each senior's locker to read through before their last home stand. Seeing the outpouring of support they had received turned an already emotional night into an unforgettable one, inspiring the 11th-ranked Cards to a final regular season win. Can we claim that? I think we just did. Go Cards!