Let's Grab a Beer

Sometimes our clients ask us to do really difficult things. And other times they ask us to convince people to drink more beer. 

If there’s one thing we won’t stand for at Archrival, it’s the idea that people could be drinking less beer today than they were 10 years ago. So when our friends at Zeno and Anheuser-Busch asked for some help to create a brand that rallies beer drinkers to grow the overall beer category, we were all in.

We toasted to International Beer Day with a two-minute video designed to teach viewers how to share a drink around the world. Within the first week, the video had already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and was shared on Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Devour, Gizmodo, Bustle, Eater, FoodBeast, Travel + Leisure, Mental Floss and… (wait for it)... Fox News!

We backed it up with a Tumblr page filled with content like custom-designed infographics. From perfect food and beer pairings, to a call for new beer emojis and DIY impromptu beer openers, we created and curated loads of social content that supported hop culture.