Battle Pack

Speed, control or energy?

With the launch of adidas Battle Pack, high school soccer athletes could find their way to the field in boots matching their style of play. Three different boots with three different purposes: speed, control and energy. Which is your game? To bring these qualities to life, we let high school soccer stars identify with an adidas athlete that battles the way they do. Enter Leo Messi, Dani Alves and Mesut Özil onto the field!

Our digital activation centered on the Crest Creator, which gave users the ability to create a badass adidas emblem with their name, school color, icon and statement representing them as a player. Each crest was built from the pattern on the corresponding boot. Because they each have unique colors and shapes, we took full advantage of the visual opportunity.

With hundreds of crests generated and thousands of page views on Dick’s Sporting Goods, high school soccer stars could begin to share their style of play with the world and discover the right boot to take them there.