In the pure, unconventional spirit of Mike’s, we showed consumers that they should always shoot for the best.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade tapped us to launch their new Hard Smashed Apple Ale. Brewed with a blend of Washington and bittersweet apples and uniquely cold-filtered for a refreshingly natural and crisp taste, it’s the perfect summer refreshment!

To give the product extended awareness, we honed in on the importance of finding just the right apple for the new Ale. After smashing hundreds of apples, the creative came to life around the concept of an amazing magic bow and arrow that can always find the perfect Washington apple—but that’s not all it can find! The campaign extended into a launch video (over a million views), rich media, pre-roll and banners.

You don't keep a magic bow in a suitcase... you pack it like it was precious fruit! We gave the bow to some very special people who know how to handle such things responsibly. We'll never tell where it is today.

Fire Away!