Potential and current employees can be one of the most crucial consumers to consider in brand building. For years, we’ve partnered with brands to develop and implement strategies for recruitment, onboarding and training that builds advocacy among one of the most important groups - the brand’s front line.

Red Bull has one of the best brands in the world because they hire the right people for the right roles. Archrival teamed up with them to challenge the typical hiring process. We began with marketing that enhances the likelihood of attracting the right candidate to their Red Bull Wings Team, Student Brand Manager and Musketeer roles.

What’s it look like? While we can’t share all the details, day-in-the-life videos share a story that the right recruit would flourish within while a unique landing page, and dynamic application process expands on the details.

Onboarding programs are crucial to winning over new employees so that they fully believe in the brand and are engaged in their role. We’ve developed comprehensive training that every Red Bull employee across the globe takes as they begin their job. 

Ongoing training is key to ensuring that employees remain up to speed on important information so that they are product and brand advocates themselves. But most training programs are either boring or inconsistent between business units. It’s a major opportunity to reinvigorate energy into brand goals and inspire employees to win new consumers!

We’ve collaborated with Red Bull to implement web-based and live training programs that are engaging, collaborative, rewarding, fun and measurable. We help to instill excitement, confidence and competence so that employees can speak credibly about the brand and products in formal and informal settings.