The live event that clashes the world's best pro-gamers for cash, prizes and Battle Ground fame.

Held in cities around the world, the best-in-class event makes a gamer’s weekend dream come true. While the rest of the world tunes in online, recognized players like MC, Bomber, Golden, Snute, HyuN and Scarlett go head-to-head in live playoff battles in the most popular games like Starcraft 2 and Dota 2.

Archrival works with Red Bull eSports to design, develop and produce the event live to the world. This is no simple task. The site transforms over time into different phases: pre-event, registration, qualifying and live event… each with their own functionality like chat, polling or streaming over Twitch.

In a sports-world “first” we post every replay of every match in real time, complete with key stats like APM (actions per minute) and the best of the chat messages within the game (GG WP). The files for the match become immediately available so players watching at home can download it on Starcraft or Dota and replay, fast-forward and rewind the entire match. Gamers love it because of the amount of access they have to the matches from the best players in the world.

With Red Bull Battle Grounds, we innovate bringing the best gaming content to an entire gaming community hungry for it.