Three new adidas cleats, each expertly crafted to enhance a specific skill. 

The F50 was built for speed, Predator for ball control, and Nitrocharge for relentless energy.

Launched on the Dick’s Sporting Good website, we created an interactive experience to help high school soccer athletes find the adidas cleat that perfectly matches their style of play.

Athletes answer a series of questions about their game: which MLS player best resembles their style, their position on the field, and even their preferred celebration dance. When the test is complete, athletes are presented with their perfect cleat match and a description of their playing style. They can interact with hotspots on the shoe to get all the unique specs, purchase the shoe instantly, or share their match with teammates to compare styles.

The experience netted thousands of engagements and helped position the brand as one that caters to the creators and innovators of the game.