A creative agency with an expertise in youth culture.

We connect brands to young adults through strategic insights, impactful creative and local influencers.

We know our sh*t.

Archrival excels in the arenas driving conversation and culture.

A world‑class creative team.

Clint! Runge

Managing Director

As the Co-Founder of Archrival, Clint! leads the agency with a big-thinking approach to brand problems. While he’s the kind of guy who likes 7-11 Slurpees and magic tricks, his saving grace is that he understands the dynamic of marketing in youth culture. Clint!s passion for creative has been recognized over the past two decades with as many awards as he’s had all-nighters. Most recently, Archrival was a 2016 Ad Age Agency of the Year. He’s a frequent Rock Paper Scissors competitor and welcomes your challenge.

Dan Gibson

Creative Director

Dan is the we-can-do-this machine that pushes us to make our creative hit new levels. His blend of trend insights, strategic thinking and spot-on art direction gives Archrival projects the gravity to turn heads. A versatile, award-winning creative with over a decade of pulling off nobody-did-that-before work, Dan is as comfortable leading a multifaceted launch strategy for a Fortune 500 company as he is art directing a crude drawing.

Eileen Flynn

Director of Field Marketing

Eileen drives the field marketing program development for all of Archrival that brings our brand creative to life on-the-ground. As the former Director of Consumer Collecting for Red Bull North America, Eileen has over a decade of experience leading highly impactful marketing programs for global brands who want to have local relevance. A prankster at heart, she knows how to inspire influencers to make waves in their community.

Jesseca Marchand

Director of Operations

Raised by the Archrival school of hard knocks, Jess relishes the fine line between chaos and control. She pushes the business forward with a work hard, play hard attitude. Armed with a vast knowledge of business and a passion for team culture, Jess has an undeniable spunk for life that breathes life into all that we do.

Archrival makes a serious study of Gen Z and Millennials.

Everything begins with insight.

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Our insights team uncovers, deciphers and curates youth culture as we know it today.

Archrival directs an in-house network of agents and influencers.

Archrival Agents bring ideas to life.

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Our field marketing programs are on‑the‑ground in over 75 cities and nearly every major college campus.

We accept most bets and food challenges. We love our dogs and other random zoo animals. We never check our voicemail, but we give great gifts. We enjoy summer camp and bad movies. Don't take YavRx. Come live the good life.

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