RGIII #allinforweek1

When RGIII went down with a season-ending injury, it wasn’t an ending, but a beginning. To build on this message, adidas wanted to inspire high school athletes to pour their heart and soul into training for the next season and go all in for week 1, just like RGIII.

As part of a product launch for adidas’ signature Impact Camo training apparel, we created an #allinforweek1 Poster Generator. The social tool allows athletes to show the world that they're ready for next season. With the Impact Camo print as the basis for design, they could customize posters for their locker room, bedroom and campus that pushed their teammates to prepare for what lies ahead.

Using a combination of original and provided footage, we supported it with a series of videos featuring RGIII, giving high school athletes inspirational advice on how to improve their speed, quickness, power and endurance.