We sent soccer referees to invade the Kansas City nightlife scene in search of “unsporting behavior.” 

As Sporting Kansas City was preparing to open their new world-class soccer stadium, they were looking for a big-idea to help them christen their new digs and fire up a fan-base they were counting on to give them an unrivaled home field advantage. So, they approached Archrival and we knew exactly where to start—bring the game to the fans.

No amount of words could do justice in describing the incredible atmosphere a Sporting KC home game is like. We leveraged this excitement and intensity to create an intriguing way to get people to experience it first-hand (insert referee whistle blow).

The Sporting KC Red Card concept sent real soccer referees to invade the Kansas City nightlife scene in search of young people demonstrating “unsporting behavior.” Upon observation, they approached fans and asked them if they’ve ever been to a Sporting KC match. An answer of “no” earned them a blast from the whistle and the immediate issuance of a red card, “penalizing” them for their Unsporting Behavior.

The Red Card issues the culprit with two free tickets to a Sporting KC home game. After liking Sporting KC on social, fans simply entered their red card code online to redeem their vouchers.

Once the dust settled, our referees carded hundreds of fans, generated an epic amount of social buzz, and caused quite a stir in the Power and Light District. Under normal game situations, a red card gets you kicked out of a game. This one kicked you in!