European Beauty Collection

When Walgreens asked for a facelift to their beauty collection, Archrival found its pretty side. A set of European beauty brands needed complete redesigns to attract a Millennial market.

The European Beauty Collection is an assortment of seven prestigious, highly sought-after beauty lines from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Greece, many of which are top sellers in European department and specialty stores. As part of their collective move to Walgreens in America, several products needed repositioning, rebranding and repackaging in order to meet the aesthetic expectations of their Millennial consumers.

Months later, these seven high-end brands represented the ultimate in European quality, luxury and sophistication and were available at select Walgreens stores across the country. 

Incorporating natural and active ingredients produced through organic farming, La Fleur Organique is a line of luxurious hand, body and face care products.

Spa Aquatique is a carefully created regimen of spa treatments from the French pioneer of marine-based skincare, whose leading expertise is valued by spa professionals around the world.

The European Beauty Collection launched in key cities around the States. It quickly grew to over 300 locations and became their number one seller. Even though it was a ton of work and late nights, we have to admit, the product has kept us looking like we've aged in years.