Campus Hacks are fun-loving, surprising mini-stunts that give students wings in a time of need.

With Student Brand Managers all over the country, Archrival helps Red Bull fuel their creative executions to ensure the most premium of delivery. Sometimes that is brainstorming new concepts, other times it's bringing the student's ideas to life. Here's a few of our favorites we've pulled off over the years...

Red Bull "In Case Of"

Two things are cause for emergencies in college: parties and finals! Mimicking emergency cabinets, we create boxes that contain "emergency Red Bull" for times of need and hang them in campus buildings for students to discover.

Red Bull Airmail

Ding Dong. You’ve got mail from Red Bull, sent with wings from around the world to make your party epic! Our handmade, stamped, folded, tied and written packages found their way into the hands of college students across the world throwing the best house parties on campus. And because everyone is sure to have different tastes, Red Bull Airmail comes stocked with Red Bull Editions.

Red Bull Night Watchman

A mysterious note is slipped under the doors of student dorms. For anyone staying up late studying, and willing to put out the white flag, receives a visit from the Red Bull Night Watchman who comes and goes in the cover of darkness.

Red Bull Cross Wings: A simple hack that turns city signage into a fun moment.