PC Gamer Campaign

It's what's inside that counts.

Intel had dominated the gaming processor market for years with a superior product, but fell short when it came to authentically engaging with their target market—gamers. They turned to Archrival to help introduce their 6th generation Intel Core processors to the gaming market. The new messaging was designed to work within the memorable “Intel Inside” campaign, but featured a new set of characters that were painstakingly crafted to inject new life into their communications.

The campaign featured intricate, 3D-modeled characters with an Intel chip in the heart of their design. 

With new 6th generation Intel Core processors, PC gamers have every edge on their competition. It's a natural fit for gamers who demand an intense level of performance. Since Intel drives the characters, their abilities to dominate are greatly enhanced. And so is everyone with Intel Inside! The only thing more amazing than Intel technology is what you can do with it.

We used an inside-outside play to amplify this concept. What's inside affects what happens on the outside. Who said games couldn't teach life lessons? Now go destroy somebody son!