Brand Refresh

What happens when one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country outgrows its own name?

Made up of entrepreneurial twenty-somethings, the e-commerce company’s only struggle was with its brand—a confusing, stuffy mystery to outsiders that was leading to hiring and growth challenges.

The biz needed a brand refresh to reflect their youthful, innovative personality. Enter Archrival, who helped rethink things from the ground up.

Meet Spreetail—part shopping spree, part online retail.

After a deep strategic study, Archrival developed a new name and identity that captures the fun, bustling drive found across the company. The people are the company; they just needed a smart new look to match their bright personalities.

The fresh, new face of Spreetail helps them better recruit in a competitive startup community and gives the team a symbol of pride to rally around. Man, it feels so good to wear clothes that fit.

The brand comes alive in their new space.

A brand refresh can do incredible things for a team internally. Our friends at Spreetail have used the change in identity to build even greater momentum for their growing organization. A look at their official brand launch tells it all...