College students from around the world test their mind and body on the journey of a lifetime.

Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016 sent 500 college students from 50+ countries to five starting points in Europe with the challenge to make it to Paris in seven days.

The catch? We took their cash, credit cards and mobile devices from them. No safety nets. Just their wits, their charm and 24 cans of Red Bull to use as their only currency! In which they needed to exchange for transportation, food, water, shelter and adventure.

Can you make it?

Archrival worked alongside Red Bull every step of the way to bring this incredible project to life from beginning to end, making it go down as one of the most successful collegiate activations in Red Bull history. 

Participants began at five different starting points around Europe, all equally distant from Paris. For many, this would be the first time they have ever been truly lost or without digital access. With just seven days to make it, the challenge becomes an epic adventure. It’s in these moments that the best stories are made.

I've never felt so challenged nor so rewarded in my entire life.
2016 Participant

Similar to a scavenger hunt, the three-person teams were asked to complete various challenges (like finding your doppleganger, talking your way onto an airplane, or convincing a large group to chant your team name) to earn varying points based on difficulty of the challenge. The more points, the more Red Bull earned, so teams were incentivized to have the most fun and adventure possible. 

The stories from the week are certainly memorable. An Austrian team traded 3 Red Bull cans for tickets to the Champions League quarterfinal in Munich and captured a goal on camera. Three team members from Spain traded 12 cans of Red Bull for tattoos in Venice. A team from the Philippines had never seen snow before, and traded 2 cans for a ride up to the Swiss Alps. A team from Norway traded 24 cans of Red Bull for a ride in a private jet.

Content was featured in real time on a live website where users and fans could follow along and support their favorite teams. The website was translated into more than 30 languages. A team of Archrival-ers were on-site in Paris to help run “Central Command,” where we curated the event story with daily recap videos.

The teams traded over 16,000 cans of Red Bull, uploaded nearly 10,000 photos and videos, and collectively traveled over 220,000 kilometers—enough to travel the earth 5 times over! The whole world was watching. During the week, the website generated 1.1 million visits, 2.9 million page views, over 448,000 “likes” of website content on social and earned countless media stories.

As teams find their way to the finish line in Berlin (2014) and Paris (2016), it becomes an emotional celebration. While they should have shown up tired and worn-out, the competitors burst to life on the scene! They had endured. They had survived. They had made it.

The video below is a collection of clips from the teams that gives some idea about what the experience was like.

In the end, we found that it was never really about the competition. Rather, it was about every step of the journey and the unforgettable stories made along the way. For Archrival, it has become one of our preeminent examples of an Archrival approach to earning the attention of young adults. 

Bonus: Red Bull TV produced daily episodes of the journey which streamed on RedBull.TV from Central Command in Paris. We provided the TV crew access to a constant behind-the-scenes look through a super intuitive and robust content management system. Watch the highlights here!