Archrival Last Meal

When it was time for intern Garth to part ways with us, we wanted to celebrate his time at Archrival with a last meal. Garth considers himself quite the foodie, so the crew made an Iron Chef Challenge for him to critique and judge. The restrictions? Teams could only use leftover food items found in the kitchen.

Garth's Last Meal:

  • Chocolate Vanilla Bread Pudding and Rum Shot with Hollowed-out Slim Jim Straw
  • SPAM Cube Perched on Apple Bird Nest with Cracked Circus Peanut and Sardine Egg, Served with Whiskey and Cold Beans Liquor Mix
  • Gutted Tomato with Guacamole and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Prairie Fire Drop Shot with Hot Red Chili Smothered in Sriracha
  • Micro-heated Corn and Potato Mash Served on G-Style Country-fried Meaty Manwich, Complemented with Side of Gummy Bear Spectators and 3 Rounds of Inverse Margaritas

When you hear that weird sound at night but nobody is there? That's us.